Canto de la Monarca
Rumor de Páramo

Poet, writer, artist, promoter of reading (sobre libros y lecturas) (personal)

Rumor y rumores / Murmurs and rumors … Music of Rumor de Páramo with fragments of Rulfo texts specially selected and read by Lirio Garduño

L’histoire de Babar le petit éléfant / The Story of Babar the Little Elephant: ... the original version for piano and reader with the music Francis Poulenc composed to accompany Jean de Brunhoff’s story in a new Spanish translation by Lirio Garduño and Jean-Pierre Buono

De tripas corazón: creación de mujeres / From Guts, Heart: Women’s creation … Music and writing by women, from various eras

Virtuosity doubled: after meeting at the XV New Music Festival of Havana in 2000, Cervantes and Michaels have collaborated in numerous concert halls in Mexico and in the U.S., with a repertoire ranging from opera and lieder to recent music of Mexico, Latin America and the United States.

Several programs available

Chamber music: Piano and Winds

Cuauhtémoc Trejo, Flute;
Marie Park, oboe;
Katherine Snelling, fagot;
Ana Cervantes, piano

The group’s name is Nahuatl and means House of the Wind. Ehecalli collectively are as interested in the music of Luciano Berio and Mario Lavista as we are in that of Robert Schumann and Francis Poulenc, but we are particularly committed to the creation of new creation, encouraging and performing the music that today will bequeath to tomorrow, as yesterday gave us the music that we enjoy today. Hence our commitment to commissioning new works, which in 2009 brought to ten the pieces we’ve commissioned from composers of Mexico, the USA and Brazil, premiered in distinguished forums like the International Cervantino Festival, and then brought to various audiences. Several programs are available, including programming especially for children. Only in Mexico.