The first-born disc. Wm Byrd Pavane "Delight"; JS Bach Partita #2 in c minor; Sebastián de Albero y Añaños Sonata; Astor Piazzolla "Sunny's Game"; world premiere recording of Joaquín Nin-Culmell 12 Danzas cubanas and of the Serenade "i carry your heart with me" of Olga Gorelli

"moving intensity… excellent sound" – American Record Guide

"memorably flawless performance of intelligence and conviction … Cervantes is not about purism. She is about passion, and that's what this recording delivers". – NJ Classical Music Journal (USA)

"Cervantes: assured, fresh, well thought-out, always in the moment …" - Newark Star-Ledger (USA)


Lilia Margarita Vázquez Estudio #1; Georgina Derbez Cuatro Piezas en Seis Sonidos (Four Pieces in Six Sounds); Ramón Montes de Oca Dos Estampas (Two Scenes); Horacio Uribe Preludio y Toccata; Federico Ibarra Sonata #3 "Madre Juana"; Marcela Rodríguez Como el agua en el agua (Like Water in Water); Arturo Márquez Días de mar y río (Days of Sea and River).

With the support of CONACULTA-FONCA (Mexican National Fund for Culture and the Arts) and of the State Institute of Culture of Guanajuato, Mexico.

" … for anyone curious about new music from the New World, [this CD] is a must. It’s hard to imagine a better ambassadress than Cervantes for music of Mexico …" - Independent on Sunday (UK)

" … interpretive rigor and strength … with conviction and passion, Cervantes makes evident … her process and her almost symbiotic relationship with the musical soul and the emotional content of each and every work." - Proceso, Mexico

" … a subtle and sensitively performed compilation of sensuous and abstract new works that are delightful, surprising and rich in their formal and rhythmic variety and that impressively showcase her technical virtuosity and interpretive prowess". - New Music Connoisseur, USA


Result of the commissioning project of the same name, in which Cervantes asked 23 composers of five countries for a work inspired in the creation of landmark Mexican writer and photographer Juan Rulfo. This is the first of two discs.

Georgina Derbez (Mexico) Del viento, la esperanza (From the Wind, Hope); Charles B. Griffin (USA) Murmuring in Comala; Jack Fortner (USA) Vine a Comala (I Came to Comala); Tomás Marco (Spain) Siluetas en el camino a Comala (Silhouettes in the road to Comala); Horacio Uribe (Mexico) Cinco Visiones sobre Comala (Five Visions about Comala); Eugenio Toussaint (Mexico) Palabras sin sonido (Words without Sounds); Vicente Barrientos (Mexico) Llanuras verdes: el color de la tierra (Green Plains: the Colour of the Earth); Anne LeBaron (USA) Los Murmullos; Federico Ibarra (Mexico) Páramo pétreo (Páramo Unyielding); Carlos Cruz de Castro (Spain) Vértigo en Comala; Mario Lavista (Mexico) Páramos de Rulfo (Wastelands of Rulfo); Stephen McNeff (UK) Pavane (in the old way) for doña Susanita

"* * * * * 5 STARS A remarkable collection magnetically played … another fascinating recital of new piano music [from Cervantes]. In Rumor de Paramo, Mexican composers … are programmed alongside composers from Spain, the USA, and the UK in works inspired by Juan Rulfo. Silence is important as music, while ghosts of the past can be found in the shreds of Old World counterpoint and courtly dances that crowd around the folk motifs." –Independent on Sunday (UK)


Second disc of Rumor de Páramo (Murmurs from the Wasteland). Pieces commissioned by Cervantes inspired in the creation of Juan Rulfo (see above).

Arturo Márquez (Mexico) Solo Rumores (Solo Murmurs); Marcela Rodríguez (Mexico) Entre las ramas rotas (Among the Broken Branches); Ramón Montes de Oca (Mexico) Ecos del llano (Echoes from the Plain); Juan Fernando Durán (Mexico) " … entonces el cielo se adueñó de la noche2 (2 … then the sky took over the night"); Hilda Paredes (Mexico) Sobre un páramo sin voces (On a voiceless wasteland); Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras (Mexico) Canto lejano (Distant Song); Paul Barker (UK) El progreso de Pedro (Pedro’s Progress); Laurie Altman (USA) Pedro’s Story; Alex Shapiro (USA) Luvina; Zulema de la Cruz (Spain) Arenoso (Sandy places); Silvia Berg (Brazil-Denmark) Dobles del Páramo

"An intriguing and rewarding CD of new music played with commanding intensity …" - MusicWeb International (UK)