So excited, so proud!!

I’ll perform this new program De la luz, del aire / From Light, From Air thanks to the generous support of New York Women Composers, Inc, who have awarded me a Seed Money Grant to present a concert of music of four New York women composers of New York and four from Latin America (three from Mexico and one from Colombia).

In Casa Cuatro Saturday 15 July, 19:00h (7PM).
General $80
Students, Teachers, INAPAM $50

In the light and in the air, these diverse voices of women composers meet, dialogue, interweave …


  • Georgina Derbez, Marcela Rodríguez, Gabriela Ortíz (Mexico)
  • Alba Potes (Colombia)


  • Faye-Ellen Silverman première in México!!
  • Hilary Tann première in México!!
  • Rain Worthington première in México!!
  • Joelle Wallach

… an impressive diversity of compositional voices: what they have in common is a celebration of the piano and its own many voices, all in the service of the composer’s imagination.

+ Notes on the Music


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